Host Your Website For Free No Limitations

If you are looking for a place to quickly host your websites but don’t have access to any web serve is a great alternative. You can use to host basic websites or even complex JavaScript based web apps. You may publish any kind of static content on your website including HTML pages, images, CSS, icons, audio and video files.

No need to spend any amount.  if your are already having a Domain you can use the same or you can create your own with sub-domain.


1.  filezilla Download below 
2.  website files which you are about to host
3. domain name (optional)

that's it

first download install  the filezilla soft ware  its a free after installation it will look like below image

This application is used to upload your files to the web server and from there your website will be hosted

Now second step keep your website files ready.

Now go to click on signup for free. once you done with sign up you will be received a conformation  mail to your registered mail id, click on the link to conform. and you will directed to 

login with your User Id  and password then go to New Project in left side control panel, if you already had a domain name then go to create redirect or go to create web space select your project name and description and required category then go to next.

Hear you need to select the domain name it will look like the below 

congratulations you have created your website with your domain. now its time to upload files to sever, for that we have to take help of Filezilla. for that your need below tings

Server /
PasswordYour account password

once you though the creation of domain name it will root to project settings page where you will find these details if your not found then go to control panel in left side nav and click on My project and select your project name then your will rooted to settings page. see at the bottom of the page click on FTP then you can see these details.

Now open  you filezilla and enter the Server or Host name as shown above and then your user Id and Password you given at the time of registration in leave Port as blank and click on quick connect. filezilla will connect to the server.

How to Upload files :

once server is connected you will see www in remote site in filezilla which is visible at right side first box click on that and in the below box you need to drop you files. see below screen shot

Note : You need to upload only contain  don't upload with sub folders for example your files are in folder name xyz then you need to open the folder and then copy the files and upload if you upload with xyz folder in your website it will show like xyz hyper link. your website will not run properly

once you upload the files go to your website and check if your are followed every thing correctly as per the description your website will be  live.


File Zilla latest version