Host your website with Google Drive and Free Custom Domain


How it works:

  1. Create a new folder in Drive and share it as "Public on the web."
  2. Upload your HTML, JS & CSS files to this folder.
  3. Open the HTML file & you will see "Preview" button in the toolbar.
in Clear Description

Put all your files in a Folder and make sure it should have index.html and
then Open Google Drive upload the folder and open it find index.html and click on it will look like below image.

now on bottom right corner click on open and select Google Drive Viewer like below image

then click on Preview, it will generate url 

it will look like below that is your website URL copy it.

now time to create Free custom domain go to DOT.TK it's Free. 

choose your custom domain and click on Go, then past your Google Drive Generated URL for your website and click submit make sure you select forward domain option and period for 12 months, that's it you are done.

your custom Domain is ready with dot TK domain name with full Bandwidth no maintenance problem enjoy!!!!!!!!